Video Marketing.

We will create animated videos of your choice and script which are useful as a promotional tool for youtube advertisement,informative videos. We can show you a variety of samples to choose from and will quote the price depending on the length of the video and the number of words to be used.


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Visual Advertisements have been popular since long, only now through digitalisation, they have become cheaper compared to the TV Ads.


Price starts at 99$ For a 25-30 Second Video (Maximum Length = 4 Minutes)

Logo Design

We will create a logo especially well fitted according to your requirements to reflect your company. We will send you a variety of samples and make sure every last inch is crafted to perfection as we know that this is something critical and thus we treat it that way.

Content Writing

We understand that you chose someone else to design your website, or it was created by yourself, but now you are stuck at finding specific content to write on the website which will be not only SEO friendly but also customer pleasing. Don’t worry our editors are brilliant at detailed descriptions and their work will solve all the problems related to this.

We know how it works

Business Plan

Lots of entrepreneurs or skilled business man are usually too busy working on their dream that it is quite difficult to spend time and come up with a thorough business plan, thus we make sure that one of the most important aspects as nowadays(since many banks are also having it as a requirement in Hong Kong to ensure how genuine and planned the start-up is) we will help you do that while you focus on the other important activities. We will do a thorough analysis, and forecast the turnover as accurately as possible so that if you ever re in need for funds it will come in handy.

The Highlights.

Press Release

A Search Engine Optimized, Highly Focused & Exciting 200 To 300-word Article specifically written for your company during the time of a new product launch or new service and distributed across several blogs, online news agencies which write about products similar to yours to generate extra traffic to your website and promote your product.

E-Mail Marketing

One of the most important forms of marketing out there, if done in a wrong manner can create an impression of spam, but if used as a right tool can help your company develop a huge list of loyal customers. Most agencies and experts usually get this wrong they believe that sending bulk email to thousand people will help you get new customers but this is where they end up hurting your image not only do the emails sit in the inbox never to be read over time they are treated as spam, and the next thing you know is the search engines to start treating emails ending with your domain name as spam. We believe that email marketing is the best tool to attract first-time customers to become over time loyal customers, customers interested in your services to purchase from you. It’s a persuasive form of marketing which requires the correct form of writing to work.