“The Greatest things that happened in the entrepreneur community” – Crowdfunding

Pay us after the campaign is finished,Contact us today.

Send us an email and in certain situation we delay the payments till after the campaign depending on certain factors and demographics.

What do you get ?

  1. A Professional video shot by a model of your choice with Ultra HD Resolution, Lights, Product display and the explanatory speech.
  2. Press Relese- A 300 Word article with one link to the kickstarter page on CNN,Yahoo, Entrepreneur.com and 250+ other local and international news agencies depeding on your product.
  3. Social Media Marketing- Facebook Audience, Twitter Spreadout, Tumblr, Pinterest,Flickr And youtube videos ready and being promoted across in a matter of days.
  4. Google, WordPress and other paid Ad’s campaign though researching keywords with the highest possibility of gaining results  and analytics to know which audience is becoming interested so that during the final days we can shift the focus towards them.
  5. We can also design the logo if required on the same day itself.

Feedback so the blog can improve. We would be sad if it dies.

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