Social Media Manager

What is included ?

  1. Set Up Instagram, Facebook, Youtube & Twitter Accounts for your business
  2. Research your target market, competitors & post engaging content for your audience
  3. Campaign Development
  4. Tailored Marketing Plan
  5. Three to eight post every day on all three channels. (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter)
  6. Create Youtube Videos & Promote them on social media channels.
  7. Create Engaging Promotions to attract the target audience, Encourage page sharing & generate more page views.
  8. No plagiarism, the strategy created after analysing competitors and avoiding similar promotions.



Total Duration

  • Trial – 7 Days

  • Basic – 30 Days

  • Premium – 90 Days

  • Platinum – 180 Das


Contact us for details.

Hurry Up and E mail us


What will I be asked to provide?

Answer- Business Details as much as possible, including websites any current page, products or services offered, current customers, markets in which you offer, selling channels if offline mention that too, any examples of channels or strategies you want us to apply and also your expectations from this package



Feedback so the blog can improve. We would be sad if it dies.

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