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WHY SHOPIFY ?online-slate-250x250

In 3 Points i will explain you why i am promoting shopify for e-commerce purposes.

I will try to keep this post as consumer oriented as possible, so that you can understand as a customer. 

Ask yourself why do you build an online store ?

Most of the time you will answer this question with because

  • i want to build more customers/audience towards my business service or product
  • i want to earn higher revenue,
  • i already have customers but most of them are overseas.

See the thing with getting more customers is you have to build a website which is SEO Optimized (It mean’s that search engines like google,yandex,bing where customers search and input their query the list of pages that show up on the page are built in accordance with the set of regulations put forth by these companies, the websites which usually offer all the requirements get indexed higher) This is not the exact definition but i have tried to make it as consumer friendly as possible.

Now, if you build a website using other platforms there is a chance most of these would require an in depth knowledge of coding or other friendly platforms wouldn’t have  certain features or the themes wouldn’t be updated or the plugins would be restricted and not quite useful.

With Shopify, they provide the majority of SEO Optimization themselves just by hosting a website with them it gives you a key advantage in search results over others. Hence indirectly working towards your goal of more customers. The themes are responsive,support mobile users (which now make up for the majority of market) and it comes with a big collection of plug in’s which are useful for every purpose that is required. To add cherry on top it also supports blogs which help you express your thoughts and allow you to target your customers easily by writing using your own set of keywords.

Now the second point which is Higher Revenue so how does shopify help achieve that goal?

 The payment gateway in shopify is papal,stripe and their own. The fees for that is extremely less compared  to some channels which charge 6% or more. Their Pricing system which allows monthly payment is very flexible and helpful for beginners who are not sure about the online store credibility.

Now a days the way business is done is slowly changing, people trust stores with online presence these days. Even if you own a brick and mortar store people will usually check reviews online, find prices, look at the background of the store and then only move forward with actually purchasing in real store. With shopify it helps you combine your brick shop with your online store through the POS System it offers making  excellent sync and cloud storage of your entire inventory,sales team, invoices, supplier information. Through its plugins it helps you concentrate on Customer relationship management for retaining customers and turning them into loyal ones and the new definition around marketing clearly demonstrates that a return customer is more valuable than a one time shopper.

Here’s a list on top of my head mentioning the Shopify Advantage.

  1. Responsive themes, Mobile Support
  2. Flexible Payment System
  3. Point of sale system
  4. Search engine optimized
  5. Payment Gateway Support
  6. Plugins for E-Mail Marketing
  7. Plugins for Customer Relationship Management
  8. Blog Support 
  9. Local Business Analytics Support 
  10. Plugins for accounting
  11. Plugins to connect with supplier
  12. 24 Hour Store Benefits by offering live chat plugins
  13. Page Indexing.
  14. Easy Customization and editing.
  15. Unlimited Product Pages.
  16. Plugins supporting inside communication (For staff)
  17. Complete Designing & Fonts Freedom
  18. Google Analytics Support

So if you are preparing to start an online store and if you somehow land up on this page don’t think twice GO with shopify to avoid any regrets in future.

Also if you need, i can help you build your store on shopify in 7 days with complete features as per your requirement.

So click on the link/banner below to start your free 14 days trial or contact us now and get running.



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