Controversial Marketing Expert: explains why good titles are so important for SEO

Writing an excellent title to enhance clicks directly

This was the title we wanted to write but because this is about explaining the importance of titles and setting an example we ended up using this.

                        Writing good page titles is an essential skill for anyone doing SEO or not because whether or not you are aiming to get your site on the first page you would still want your users to be interested in reading your post, sometimes poor choice of the title makes an excellent content turn to absolute sh**.creative-marketingplan

Let’s forget about SEO, cause even getting your website on the first page(hypothetically) it would still mean someone who did a better job at spending a little extra time creating a viral headline would end up with a lot more views/conversion.

Ignoring, Avoiding & Researching to analyze and spend just a few seconds is all it takes to lose that share of potential subscribers.
Now let’s look at the SEO Section. Combined with the user clicks it is one of the most important factors for Google to decide what the topic of a page is hence making it so essential.

NOTE: This is not an article educating you on how to write a great headline. Cause admit it sometimes writing an entire article takes so much of energy that the title only ends with the few words left in personal vocabulary.Over here am sharing a great and useful tool for analyzing your headlines and finding out from a set of algorithms and code if you achieved all the aspects of a great title.
The analyzing is free, but for other features, you might have to subscribe.

Try Headline Analyzing Tool now.



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