Electronic Door Locks with cards/code for US$30.Useful for Airbnb/ Guesthouses.

With every month that passes by, smart home automation becomes more awesome. It might have been little more than a gimmick just a few years ago, but now people are really transforming their homes with cool new products and innovations.

Well since people like us can’t develop Jarvis for our homes like Mr.Zuckerburg, we have to rely on China for mass production leading to price drops in such a way that it becomes cheaper to buy these in comparison with the stupid dead bolt.

Well this article isn’t really a review or a promotion for any company, We were recently working with a guest house in Hong Kong and they were in the process of changing all their entrances with Key card systems it was during that  we discovered the prices for the electronic locks and ended up giving ourselves these for a secure start in 2017 (At least we felt that way)

Here’s the contact information for the company

ShenZhen KingBel Intelligent Systems Co. Ltd No.6 floor, HengYi Buildinng, XuLian Industrial Zone, Construction West Road, LongHua District,ShenZhen, China (深圳市龙华新区建设西路旭联工业区恒益楼6楼) Tel : +86-755-33877760 Website : http://www.kingbel.com/eindex.asp Mp: +86 15012888453

Attn: Rose Email: rose@szzck.com Tel: +86-15012888453 Fax: +86 755 33868809

We ordered the CET-6001DY Model at US28$ With 2 Access cards for free.



One thought on “Electronic Door Locks with cards/code for US$30.Useful for Airbnb/ Guesthouses.

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