Entrepreneurship and it’s shifting definition

Business is a team effort, it’s the collective spirit of people together with each specialized in their own working area coming forward towards the development of a new product or a new technique to produce better output.

Gone are the days where you can customize laptops in college and end up creating DELL, The warehouse store to the multi-billion empires is also not something we can expect now, yeah it’s the Amazon I am taking about.

With the net neutrality agenda taking over slowly. In future, if you end up coding a better Social networking platform than Facebook if people can’t access it at a good speed it’s as useless as Orkut being rebuilt by Google for the 3rd time

We have reached a point in Entrepreneurship where coming up with an original idea is less important than trying to gain market control over the ideas which are already out there by continuously modifying it, cause iPhone 6 to iPhone 7 takes two years in development for  highest funded R & D division in the world so that they can add an extra lens and make it waterproof without any warranty. Yes makes a lot of sense, totally !.

As we learn in business that competition is always productive for consumers as it results in overall better service and lower prices. Facebook takes a whole new meaning out of this starting with Facebook itself (It was a stolen idea, shocker ! not really. ), It went on for what’s app, Instagram, oculus and snap chat until they failed and ended up replicating it. After this failure i guess Facebook took it  hard since this time instead of buying Alexa from Amazon they ended up coding the exact same thing practically and calling it Jarvis, like seriously is there anything Orignal that Facebook can come up with except for their corporate bully attitude which is trying to establish a network of applications and platforms containing details, habits, backgrounds of literally more than half the planet and as it’s a famous saying “Every information no matter how small or about a nobody from somewhere can be of a great value if offered to the right person.” which might end up hurting the consumers in a long run.

“Every information no matter how small or about a nobody can be of a great value if offered to the right person.” which might end up hurting the consumers in a long run.

Enough bashing the bullies in this article, as I remember that we also have someone like Elon Musk among these giants who’s trying to come up with something orignal, advanced in technology and at the same time eco-friendly. He is what an entrepreneur is supposed to be, he comes up with ideas, implements it in action finds a suitable entity to ensure ongoing operation and moves on. Even though he wants to take humanity to mars i would rather define an entrepreneur with the same characteristics as he does so that the world can have more people like him.


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