Web Designing

What do we offer?

It’s very simple we are providing a complete development of your website which is SEO optimised (we will explain the process), without dumping additional lines of codes which are the main reasons websites fail to rank higher, perform better. We will design your company logo, Business Cards & Social media accounts along with a cover photo.We will create a marketing plan for your website as well as your social media accounts to ensure that you get the results you want.

Why Choose Us?

With the growing e-commerce and the importance of online presence for business, a thousand developers are offering to develop your website. What makes us unique is

We don’t work for every client who requires our services, we select and dedicate ourselves to those who we find attractive thus we put our entire team force on one project at a time. We are never in a hurry to finish the work to start another; we are committed, dedicated and crazy enough to tackle every problem.

What Do you get? (In details)

Professional Logo

Business Cards

Web Designing

Domain Name X 2

Complete E-mail Setup

We will analyse your competitors, spend lots of time at research. Cause good website doesn’t fail to plan, they fail because they don’t plan.

Our team stays in touch with you through the entire planning process, we will develop a prototype after understanding your requirements, and we will keep on updating and modifying till the final product is what you expected. We will demonstrate a variety of options for you to choose from. Our designers make the process incredibly simple and less confusing.

Our editors and writers will help you write about your business, explain your services and products so you won’t have to look for someone else to do this cause most designers they will just paste whatever content you give them. We only require a brief idea, and we do the rest for you.

Search Engine Optimisation

Getting your website on one of the first five pages is a work of art, and we take pride in such work. We know how to research and find keywords that fit your niche, and we won’t flood your description, tags and categories with baseless and too common keywords which won’t get any results except for further decrease your ranking.

The importance of having high-value backlinks with websites that resemble your’s is critical, our team through research makes sure to purchase domains and generate backlinks regularly over time. We also keep and eye on expired links and buy it immediately.

Through Social Media, we help a large following and promote and indulge with the fans so that the links get shared and further create a positive result.

Is it Expensive and what is the average completion time?

The reason we choose only certain clients is that we find it easier to work with those who understand that an incredibly cheap website developed in 5 days with broken codes, reduced images and plagiarised articles and descriptions won’t amount to the money you wasted.

The prices are moderate and usually, depend on your expectations.  We will send you a form asking you about certain details, once you get back, we will give you a quote (usually takes 24 hours), after confirmation we just jump right into research, and it will often take us one week to come up with a prototype. Once finalised its usually 8-12 weeks more till you get the final result.

(The website will be functional within  four weeks, but we spend the other time to improve the ranking, SEO and build up an audience on social media.)


Feedback so the blog can improve. We would be sad if it dies.

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